Learning the Basics of Accounts Payable Best Practices

4 Initiatives for 2018's Most Influential CFOs

According to a detailed three-part survey of CFOs conducted by Ernst and Young*, CFO's feel now, more than ever before that there are four different initiatives or tasks they must perform in order to be effective. The importance of each of these four had become a higher priority compared to just three years earlier.

Five Reasons to be THANKFUL for A/P Automation

November is the month for reflection and Thanksgiving. When considering your day-to-day routines, are you thankful for your company's Accounts Payable functions? Are you set up with systems that leave behind manually-labor-intensive and expensive processes? Today's A/P best practices are definitely something many can be thankful for this holiday season.

Must-Attend 2017 Conferences for Financial Professionals- Part 2

Are you a CFO, Controller, CIO or Accounts Payable Manager? Are you interested in making plans for attending educational or other conferences later this year? Here you will find a list of conferences from around the nation that offer opportunities to explore, discover, and widen the scope of your financial knowledge.

Breaking Through the Barriers to Accounts Payable Automation

With the proliferation of automation in Manufacturing, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing, do you think your peers within your company would be surprised to learn that your Accounts Payable department still writes paper checks to suppliers and vendors? Would your family and friends think that working where you do that accounts payable systems must certainly be automated?

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